About Cami Perriraz and TotallyTexasGifts.com

All TotallyTexasGifts.com designs are original works by Cami Perriraz, Native Texan, Artist, Blogger, Curator, Merchant and now Webmaster.  These designs are available for purchase on products created by Cafe Press & Zazzle print on demand services.

Born and raised in Texas, Cami graduated from Jasper High School and attended Texas A&I Kingsville where she studied Journalism and was copy editor of the campus newspaper, The South Texan.  After leaving Texas A&I, Cami attended Del Mar Junior College in Corpus Christi, Texas as an Art Major.  Cami’s two life passions have always been Writing & Art, but the necessities of life pulled her in more “practical” directions as a working mom.

Arriving in the Austin area in the late 80’s, Cami and her husband, Bill, put down roots and got about the business of raising kids and keeping the bills paid, but living and working in the Austin area also provided for great opportunities for growth and developement of her business & technical skills as well as her artistic passions.

“TotallyTexasGift.com lets me bring all the ‘parts’ of me together to do something I truly believe in and love to do.  I hope to grow the site into a full on art gallery and marketplace and branch out into other locals.  The internet is allowing me to make my dream of owning my own gallery/gift shop as well as publish my own works come true.” ~Cami Perriraz

You can learn more about Cami and her professional background in her LinkedIn Profile.

Contact Cami through this site or by email at totallytexasgifts@gmail.com.

Thanks for dropping by, enjoy your stay.


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