Totally Texas Road Trip to Wimberly Glassworks

Wimberly Glassworks entry w signage
Entry to Wimberly Glassworks off of Ranch Road 12 between Wimberly & San Marcos.

Well, best laid plans, right?  We were supposed to make it up to the Texas Arts & Crafts Fair in Ingram that Saturday but the fates aligned against us.  Just one of those days, I guess.

It started out just fine.  We awoke early because we were going to head out for Ingram right after my husband, our brother-in-law and nephew, moved a fridge they hauled all the way from Corpus Christi to Lockhart, into my laundry room.  It arrived covered in monarch butterfly carcasses.  🙁

First they tried to put it in the kitchen (NOT the laundry room).  They move the old fridge out of the way and get the new fridge into position with much ado (there was a tractor involved), but neglected to measure the width of the space and, you guessed it, it did not fit.  Okay fine, it will fit as originally planned in the laundry room.  But it will not fit through the interior door. 🙁 🙁  SO, back out the front door with the new fridge, into the bucket on the tractor and around the house to the back door that opens into the laundry room.  Now the back door to my house is about 5 feet off the ground, with just a small platform for a back porch and metal railings up the stairs. Did I mention this fridge is HUGE?  After much effort, they do finally get it inside the house again.  And, after breaking off the light switches to my laundry room, they finesse it into place.  WHEW!  Now they just have to move the old fridge back into place and we will be on our way, only three hours later than planned.

It all worked out in the end.  I am very grateful for all their effort.  The freezer was going out on the old fridge and we can’t really afford a new one at this time so, you know.  Thank goodness for family, right?  And not for nothin’, I can buy ice cream again! 🙂 🙂 🙂

So the day was cut short.  After eating some tasty barbeque ribs from Luling City Market with the family, we headed out to salvage what was left of Saturday and found our way to Wimberly Glassworks and their ‘Gourdgeous’ Glass Pumpkin Patch.  And so glad we did!

Check out our cool photo gallery of the glass blowing process and all the pretties they had on display.  This is a great day trip y’all.  There was live music, refreshing beverages (including beer and wine) and it is fascinating to watch the glassblowers at work.  They do demonstrations throughout the day.  This was not our first trip to WGW either.  We were there about a year ago for a free concert by the Queen of the Blues herself, Ms Marcia Ball.

Photo of Marcia Ball w band
Marcia Ball doing her thang at Wimberly Glassworks in 2017.

There is always something going on at Wimberly Glassworks.  You should follow their Facebook & Instagram pages to watch for upcoming events.  Especially with the holidays approaching.  They have some beautiful gift ideas.  Everything from the affordable $ to the extravagant $$$$.  And guys, there is some gorgeous, reasonably priced, jewelry for the woman in your life. (hint, hint Bill 😉 )WGW-Promo-Poster