Lockhart Renaissance

Photo of Caldwell County Courthouse by Cami Perriraz
Photo by Cami Perriraz

Lockhart, Texas!  You know, that place famous for its barbeque.  Well, it’s not just about the barbeque anymore (although that is reason enough for any serious carnivore to make the trek south from Austin or east from San Antonio).  Recently featured in Texas Monthly magazine, Lockhart and the surrounding area is definitely on the radar.  Yep, there is a full-blown Texas Renaissance going on down here.  There is always something happening on the square these days.

Next weekend will be a great time to check it out at the Lockhart Western Swing & BBQ Fest (formerly held in San Marcos).  This is a multi-day event that begins Friday, Sept. 28 and runs through Sunday, Sept. 30.  Check their website (link above) to find the full line up which is huge, with multiple venues.

Live music has become a fixture around the square in Lockhart and there are now a variety of venues including The Pearl on N. Main Street. (Click for map)  And don’t make the mistake of thinking it is all about Country & Western, there’s also Western & Country 😉

Seriously though, you will find a variety of music from Indie Rock at Caracara Brewery to the DJ masters at Risky Business and just about everything in between.

There is also a budding foodie scene in Lockhart which I will cover in a future post.

Pub crawl in Lockhart anyone?  Y’all come on out and see what the fuss is about.



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