I dreamed of a Purple Texas

Clockwise from top~ Sabina Poloma, Caddo Indian, Ann Richards, Maria Sally Salazar, Juanita Craft, Lady Bird Johnson, Marsha Gomez, Minnie Fischer Cunningham, Molly Ivins, Bessie Coleman, Barbara Jordan.

Current events and these incredible women of Texas history inspired this post.

Recently, in doing research for this blog, I stumbled across the Women in Texas History website and was captivated by the story of Texas women beginning with the Caddo Indians, through the  Revolutions, Civil War & Reconstruction and into modern politics.  It occurred to me as I was reading this amazing story, that while Texas may have always had a “Red” heart, our “Blue” veins run very deep.

And so I send this new image of a Purple Texas out into the ether in hopes it will inspire more Texans to work toward our “Common Interests” rather than our “Self Interests” and let the rest of the world know we are not “Red” or “Blue”, black, brown or white…

We are Texans!


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